Sun shines on her pretty face

Sun shines on her pretty face, half-tung red as fire, half dark as night, this moment, it looked so similar to the Queen Mother has come! Kou Xin 9 New startled, suddenly find her so familiar yet so strange, vaguely being, I actually had a kind of unspeakable sadness and fear.

    Hum sounded the horn, slender eyes closed, as if they saw that white hair fluttered Division Huai Khan `Pathetic fluttering appearance, heart sorrow anger, silence speculation:" The father, Wu-day victims of this day we are father and daughter Gouzei Wandering away from, respectively, contained four; candle witch phytotoxicity of you today who are charged with serious injuries, death has health insurance ... ... Cichou not reported, how flat my hate! "

    Gradually slowed to the image of his father, eyes suddenly go past a screen like the figure towards thinking, they go past that warm smile and bright eyes, `clear ... ... heart burst of knife-like pain in vain. The ancients said that no day like every other Sanqiu. With other more than a year, That scene really seems to have been the juniors III.

    In a few ... ... In a few hour, you can see him. She's practicing `ears burning in a while suddenly burns, Rouchang such as twist, be terribly upset, for a time, I do not know is happy or sad, hate is anger. Opened his eyes, breathed rs powerleveling and looked up the blue sky fiery sunset TV drama, tears welling Jiyu.

    Robert W. Boss, again unscarred?

    Sunset is gone, Dai blue sky, dark red Huoshao Yun Pentium such as waves, from everyone's head off rapidly Chung.

    Heavy mountain overlap, trees and flowers such as Jin, a valley full of rich vegetation fragrance. Tuo Baye `Ji Hyun led force gallops away in the winding Official Road on the evening breeze blows, chest Ying such as washing, the pack full of energy, with the jokes.

    But only wild mop silent, riding a White Dragon Land quietly forward. A whole afternoon in his left ear to burns with blazing, is not because she is always thinking about it yourself? Suddenly recalls the

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